Unilever is a huge multinational corporation which owns over 400 brands worldwide.

  • Unilever brand Ben & Jerry’s announced it would cut ties with its factory in Israel after 2022, in an effort to appease extremists who oppose Israel’s existence.
  • The chair of Ben & Jerry’s independent board supports discriminatory boycotts against Israel, implied Israel’s existence is a “catastrophe,” and attempted to whitewash the terrorist group Hamas.
  • The board chair also runs a group called the Oakland institute, which encouraged support for “resistance to Israel” by the terrorist group Hezbollah. The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation has reportedly donated at least $170,000 to the Oakland Institute.
  • In September, 2021, a former Unilever employee sued the company for antisemitic discrimination.
  • Unilever could reverse the discriminatory decision made by Ben & Jerry’s and take a strong stand against this hatred, but has refused to do so.

Here are some brands you may not have realized are owned by Unilever: